About J.Y.A. 2006

Junior Year Abroad 2006 was a show produced by NBC Universal that followed ten American college students as they studied abroad all over the world. During the run of the show, the cast kept blogs and uploaded photos, but the center of the show were the videos they recorded and sent in throughout their trips. After being sent back to NBC in New York, they were edited and uploaded to http://www.myjya.com within a week or two.

The full cast and destinations included Lauren in South Africa, Jason in Australia, Erica in the Dominican Republic, Matthias in Germany, Christopher in Japan, Natalie in Taiwan, Lisa in Italy, Stacey in Argentina, Roger in Ireland, and Joel in India.

This blog is a reprinting of Joel’s blog from the show, with a page to show Joel’s video episodes. As of this writing, this blog and all other JYA blogs can still be found here, though the photos and full profile pages that went with them have been taken offline. The Videos themselves went to Hulu.com and then were picked up by AOL. After a year’s contract expired, the shows were taken off hulu, and have slowly started migrating to Youtube. Joel’s episodes can be watched here.

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